AIC Exchange is an asset management platform. The concept of AIC is "All-In Crypto (AI Crypto), AIC Group entered the financial market in October 2017; From October 2022, AIC Exchange was founded. The macroeconomic uncertainty and global sell-off in 2022 has impacted technology, cryptocurrencies and other markets, with cryptocurrency headlines and market sentiment having taken a decidedly negative turn. The quality of talent entering the crypto space has never been stronger; in the meantime, fortunately, speculators have pulled back. The chief investment futurist says that "given enough time, crypto will be well ahead of where it was in 2021". There is still a lot of legal, regulatory and real market development that needs to happen, and that is happening. We continue to see an influx of capital from a wide range of market participants and we believe that the next five years will be a fruitful time to build and invest in cryptocurrencies, and we believe strongly in the value of cryptocurrencies, hence the creation of AIC Exchange.

AIC Exchange is a financial platform that offers cryptocurrency trading and derivatives with a professional financial background. The financial industry has been exploring and applying blockchain technology rapidly in recent years. Banks are already using blockchain technology for asset management and transaction recording to improve transparency and security in asset management; insurance companies are using blockchain technology to improve the issuance and management of insurance products to increase customer confidence in their products; and AIC Exchange, with its financial background, offers relatively greater security than other types of Exchanges, ensuring investors a safe, reliable and convenient trading environment. We ensure a safe, reliable and convenient trading environment for investors and ensure that users can invest in an open and transparent manner, lowering the barriers to digital asset trading while harnessing the power of technology to make digital asset trading easier.

Team Goals and Vision

AIC Exchange has divided its progress into three phases.

Phase 1: Create a cash Exchange and strengthen consumer trust by reinforcing the brand image and reputation. We have made it simple for users to understand what derivatives contracts trading, spot trading and blockchain applications are all about, and we continue to simplify the complex and difficult to understand financial transactions. In addition to adding interactivity and fun to the platform, these are the key elements that make AIC Exchange different from other platforms.

Phase 2: New financial products and portfolio strategy services, commodities, precious metals futures trading, etc., adding mobile apps, deposit and withdrawal in French currency, etc. The financial derivatives of overseas trading platforms can also be incorporated into the Exchange for customers to trade. In terms of user recruitment, we have built a platform that is extremely easy to use, allowing them to invest in cryptocurrencies with ease, while also promoting the popularity of virtual assets. We also plan to bring in hundreds of key opinion leaders (KOLs), media, and CEOs of cryptocurrency projects to interact with the community during the year, making it a unique social platform for investing, facilitating trading and learning, and making investing more fun.

Phase 3: Collaborate with corporations to open physical marketplaces with the addition of cold wallets, integrate digital assets with the existing financial infrastructure, leverage the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, and enhance convenience. By using artificial intelligence systems to monitor the market, potential risks and fraudulent activities can be detected more quickly and accurately, thus ensuring the security of transactions. In the future, we want AIC Exchange to be the first AI Exchange that allows users around the world to enter web 3.0 and simply understand cryptocurrency and become users of it.