VanEck executive: If Biden loses, the crypto industry may receive more support.

According to Decrypt, Matthew Sigel, the head of digital asset research at the U.S. asset management firm VanEck, stated that the current regulatory environment in the United States is creating obstacles for institutions trying to enter the cryptocurrency field, but this situation may soon change after the next presidential election.

Sigel, speaking at the "VanEck Southern California Blockchain Conference" in an interview with Decrypt, said, "The Biden administration does not want banks and broker-dealers to engage with digital assets, and they are using explicit and verbal admonitions to achieve this goal."

President Biden will once again face former President Donald Trump in the next presidential election, and the outcome may have significant implications for the cryptocurrency industry and other sectors of the U.S. economy. Sigel believes that Biden's defeat may benefit digital assets and their broader adoption. He said, "If there is a change in the presidency, we will see more support for this industry."

This article is from Zombit:https://zombit.info/vaneck-exec-suspect-crypto-industry-gain-support-with-trump-win/

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