The rise of meme coin "Cat Power": MOEW soared over 22,000% within an hour of launch

The meme coin frenzy continues as "Dogecoin" dominated the cryptocurrency market, and now it's followed by the "Cat coins" craze. Almost all of Solana's recent hot trading pairs are occupied by "Cat forces" like MEW, Hobbes, SNAPCAT, etc. Moreover, MOEW issued by Bitget Wallet also skyrocketed over 22,000% within an hour of its launch.

Solana's "Cat in a dogs world (MEW)" experienced a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows when it first appeared on the stage last month. However, it quickly saw a second surge, soaring over 300% within two days from $0.0023 to $0.0097.

As of now, MEW's market value has reached $570 million, but its daily trading volume has dropped from $100 million to around $70 million.

This article is from blockcast:https://blockcast.it/2024/04/04/moew-surged-by-more-than-22000percent-an-hour-after-being-released/

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