"Is the 'halving market' coming? Bitfinex predicts: Bitcoin will skyrocket by 160%, surpassing $150,000."

According to analysts at Bitfinex, with the gradual development of the halving market, Bitcoin is expected to surge by 160% to over $150,000 in the next 12 to 14 months.

Based on the recent Bitfinex Alpha report, this prediction is derived from historical data of previous halvings and statistical models. While analysts acknowledge that their adopted regression analysis model may be too simplistic, they remain bullish on Bitcoin's significant uptrend.

Analysts point out that this halving differs from previous ones because Bitcoin had already reached historic highs before the halving. This anomaly might be interpreted as a bullish indicator but also introduces a certain level of uncertainty into the market dynamics.

This article is from blockchain:https://blockcast.it/2024/04/11/bitcoin-halving-to-propel-prices-to-between-150000-says-bitfinex/

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