With a triple increase in just one week, the familiar phantom coin "TRB" has made a comeback.

Yesterday, the market saw a slight pullback. According to Coingecko, the majority of tokens among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization experienced declines, with popular coins showing drops ranging from 2% to 10%. In this somewhat dull market, a few notable tokens stood out.

Two "well-known" tokens defied the trend and saw increases yesterday: bankruptcy token FTT and phantom token TRB. The surge in FTT may be related to the compensation plan submitted by FTX to its creditors, while TRB's rise is more intriguing.

TRB is the token of the decentralized oracle project Tellor, born in 2019. Over the past week, TRB surged from $45 to yesterday's even more eye-catching increase, with a rapid 20% rise in just 2 hours, briefly surpassing $140. After a threefold increase in a week, TRB is still nearly four times away from its previous high of $600. Trading enthusiasts are likely to be intrigued.

This article is from Blockcast:https://blockcast.it/2024/05/09/here-comes-the-tellor-tributes-rollercoaster-again/

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