Sign up for the exclusive reward program, and the maximum reward is NT$3000 equivalent to BTC!

Just one step! Complete the registration top-up within 7 days, and you can claim the reward!

Register an account and complete the first net deposit of KYC ≧ NT$200 within 7 days, you can get $10 equivalent in BTC.

Hierarchy conditions award
Lv1 Registration + net deposit + 1-month lockup ≧NT $800 NT $50 equivalent in BTC
Lv2 Registration + net deposit + 2-month lockup ≧NT $1,500 NT $100 equivalent in BTC
Lv3 Registration + net deposit + 3-month lockup ≧ NT $3,000 NT $200 equivalent in BTC
Lv4 Registration + Net Deposit + Lockup for 4 months ≧ NT $5,000 NT $400 equivalent in BTC
Lv5 Registration + Net Deposit + Lockup for 6 months ≧ NT $30,000 NT $3000 equivalent in BTC


*Note: If the lock-up period is not reached, it will return to the previous level

*Note: Coins cannot be withdrawn within the first 7 days after registration and deposit, and the reward amount cannot be superimposed.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The above activities need to be completed after the AIC exchange registration , otherwise the rewards cannot be obtained;

2. Market makers and APIs cannot participate in this event.

3. Users participating with the same IP address will be considered invalid.

4. If cheating is found, including but not limited to money laundering, account manipulation, insider trading, etc., you will be disqualified. Once cheating is discovered, AIC has the right to freeze the cheating account and confiscate the cheating income and impose corresponding penalties.

5. AIC reserves the right of final interpretation of this event, and reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this event at any time without prior notice.