Agent Exclusive: Cashback Activity:  The Return can reach up to 25% "  the agent can also enjoy 10% from the return



- The platform launched a limited-time financial cashback activity, first come first served!

Activity Rules: Using referral code to invite your friends, and you can get 10% of the profit from the plan they selected.

Ex : Friend B registers from A's referral code, and B choose the Hedging Strategy 180-day plan and recharges 10,000 U, and A can get 125 U


1. Friends who are invited need to recharge, and you will get the rebate.

2. The invitation code can only be entered on the "registration page", if it is not entered, it cannot be traced back.

3. AIC Exchange will be settled at 02:00 every day, and the price is based on the AIC Exchange at 02:00 of the day. Users can check how much rebate they get for each currency in "My Asset Rebate".

4. The web page is refreshed every 10 minutes, and you can see the friend invitation status on the personal page.

5. Participants in this activity agree that all participants retain or generate any participation data and records, which are mainly based on the exchange's computer system and time records.

6. Anyone who violates the rules of the event by hacking or other illegal acts will be invalidated, and AIC exchange reserves the right of legal prosecution.

Your participation in the Events on the Platform is governed by these Terms (“Event Terms”). Participation in this activity means that you agree to the terms of this activity and the following additional terms: (a) platform currency reward activity terms; (b) terms of use; and (c) privacy policy; the above additional terms are incorporated into these terms by reference.