Beginner Exclusive Benefit! Get 100U Trial Trading Now!


Dear AIC Users,

Thank you for choosing the AIC platform. To welcome new registrants like you, we are launching the "Beginner Exclusive Benefit" activity, where you can instantly get 100U Trial Fund to experience contract trading to the fullest!


Participation Method:

For new users to claim: All users who register during the activity period can receive two 50U Trial Funds (totaling 100U). This will enable you to start your contract trading journey effortlessly.

Instructions for Using the Trial Fund:

The received 100U Trial Fund can be used for contract trading, allowing you to experience real trading operations without investing any capital.

Profits can be withdrawn or transferred at any time, allowing you to earn returns from actual trading.

Losses will be borne by the platform, eliminating your concerns about risks and enabling you to enjoy the fun of contract trading with ease.


This promotion is only applicable to new users who register during the promotional period. Please ensure that you complete your registration within the specified timeframe.

Each UID (User Identification Code) is eligible for only one Trial Fund, so please refrain from applying multiple times.

Final Interpretation:

AIC platform reserves the final right to interpret this activity. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Join us now and get 100U Trial Fund to begin your journey in contract trading! Thank you for supporting the AIC platform, and we look forward to growing together with you.


Best regards,

AIC Team