AIC cooperates with 《Taiwan Mikos Care Stray Animal Association》 to serve as a one-day cleaning volunteer!


On November 16, 2023, AIC had the opportunity to participate in a special charity event as a cat cleaning volunteer. It was an experience that made all AIC employees deeply appreciate the deep emotional connection between humans and animals, and made us more aware of the importance of contributing to society.

On the day of the event, we worked together to clean the cattery of《 Taiwan Mikos Care for Stray Animals Association》. As soon as we entered the door, we were attracted by a burst of cute meows, and their eyes were full of trust and expectation for humans. It made us feel that our participation was not only to provide cleanliness, but also to give more love and care to these innocent lives.

Our work mainly includes cleaning the cattery, changing food and water. Although the cats live in a shelter, the arrival of volunteers makes them feel warm and safe. We carefully wipe every cat litter, and every interaction with them seems to convey a silent love.

Not only did we learn the skills of cleaning and caring for the animals, but everyone worked together and everyone's efforts came together to make this animal shelter full of love. We work together to make life better for these cats, and this satisfaction is something that money can't measure. Participating in the volunteer cat cleaning activities not only allowed us to gain practical skills, but also made me feel spiritually satisfied. This is a time for us to realize that everyone can do their part to society, and even small contributions can bring a touch of warmth to the world.

AIC Exchange is committed to promoting adoption instead of buying, and after today's one-day volunteer experience, we hope that these adorable cats will one day have a warm home of their own.

Sincerely, AIC team

November 16, 2023