"AIC Warmth Delivery Initiative" - AIC distributed supplies at Taipei Main Station, bringing warmth to the homeless!

On December 28, 2023, AIC Exchange purchased ten bags of essential items, including instant noodles, biscuits, and bread. We specifically visited Taipei Main Station, a bustling hub that serves as a temporary home for many homeless individuals. This compassionate journey not only allowed us to deeply understand the challenges of life but also witnessed the warmth and resilience of humanity.

Upon our arrival at Taipei Main Station, we encountered a bustling scene with passengers hurriedly moving about, while homeless individuals sat quietly with hopeful eyes. Placing the purchased supplies aside, we began the distribution. What moved us was the orderly behavior of the homeless; they patiently queued up, one by one, to receive the provisions. Although their expressions carried a hint of bitterness, they also reflected perseverance and hope in the face of life's struggles.

During the distribution, we had a brief conversation with a middle-aged man who shared that these homeless individuals have been wandering around Taipei Main Station for quite some time, facing the daily challenge of hunger. Station staff also expressed concerns, revealing that approximately 200 homeless individuals linger near the station every day. They may have one meal or none at all. This highlighted the pressing need for collective efforts to provide warmth and care.

This act of spreading love not only provided a small aid to the homeless but also left a profound impact on our hearts. Often caught up in the pursuit of various goals, we tend to overlook those around us who need help. This journey to Taipei Main Station prompted us to reconsider the meaning of life and appreciate the value of sharing and giving.

We hope everyone will extend more care to those around them, using even the smallest effort to change one person, one family, or even the entire society. Only through collective efforts rooted in compassion can we create a better world. Let us join hands and illuminate every corner in need with love, especially during this winter season.