"Street Interview Highlights" - Exploring Taipei Main Station and National Taipei University of Science and Technology: Precious Moments from AIC Team's Street Interviews!

Last year, AIC planned street interviews at Taipei Main Station and National Taipei University of Science and Technology. We decided to step out of the office and delve into the bustling Taipei Main Station and the lively campus of National Taipei University of Science and Technology, embarking on a unique journey of street interviews.

On November 30, 2023, AIC arrived at Taipei Main Station. As one of Taiwan's largest transportation hubs, Taipei Main Station sees tens of thousands of passengers rushing through every minute. AIC mingled with the crowd, wearing friendly smiles, and engaged passersby in conversations, asking them about their views on cryptocurrency. To our surprise, among the ten individuals we approached, we received a variety of responses, which allowed AIC to gain a better understanding of the perspectives and insights of those who are not typically familiar with cryptocurrency. Many expressed strong interest in AIC Exchange's secure and convenient trading platform. In just three short hours, AIC gained a deeper understanding of user expectations and demands.

On December 28, 2023, AIC visited National Taipei University of Science and Technology. Here, we invited lively students to participate in our "Guess the Figure" challenge. The process was filled with laughter and enjoyable interactions, and AIC successfully sparked interest in cryptocurrency among students who were unfamiliar with it. We also helped more students learn about important figures in the cryptocurrency world, enhancing their knowledge of the industry.

Through these two street interview journeys, AIC Exchange not only gathered valuable market information but also felt the enthusiasm and support of users. This unique experience has reinforced our belief that only by truly understanding users can we provide better services. In the future, AIC Exchange will continue to venture out, engaging in face-to-face interactions with the public, and together, we will explore the limitless possibilities of the cryptocurrency world.

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