Risk Warning

Dear global AIC users:

The AIC contract trading platform's derivatives trading services are highly leveraged and risky. This risk warning is intended to inform investors about the investment risks of digital asset derivatives trading with high leverage, as well as to assist investors in evaluating and determining their own ability.

Given the existence of investment risks, before confirming this agreement and conducting contract transactions, investors should carefully read this risk reminder. Ensure that they understand the nature and rules of relevant contract transactions, based on their own investment experience, goals, financial status, ability to bear risks, and so on, and decide whether to participate in contract transactions.

Before applying for high leverage and contract transactions, investors should get legal and other independent professional advice.

Suitable Investor

Digital asset derivatives transactions are highly leveraged and risky, and are only appropriate for professional investment institutions or people with extensive investment experience, or who can fully understand all risks associated with digital asset derivatives transactions and are willing to bear the loss of account funds due to investment mistakes, or who have suffered partial or total loss.

Existing Risks

  1. Risk of Price Fluctuations
  • Digital currency derivatives are a special product with investment value, so their price is affected by a variety of factors, and it fluctuates significantly. It is difficult for investors to fully comprehend it in practice, therefore investment blunders are possible. If there is no danger, you may incur a significant loss, and the investor must carry the entire loss.

2. Transaction Risks

  • Investors must understand that derivatives trades involve substantial leverage, which can result in fast profits or losses. If the transaction's direction is opposite the market's movement, it will result in a huge loss. According to the degree of loss, investors need to add digital currency margin or reduce positions, otherwise their positions may be compelled to liquidate, and investors must suffer any associated losses.
  • Once the investor's price limit order is executed in the exchange's trading system, it is irrevocable, and the investor must accept the risks associated with this strategy.
  • The exchange does not guarantee earnings to investors and does not share gains or risks.
  1. Policy Regulatory Risk
  • Digital asset derivatives transactions may face policy regulatory risks in certain jurisdictions. Before trading, investors must make smart decisions based on a thorough understanding of the trading region's policy and regulatory framework.

4. Other Possible Risks

  • When a user uses high leverage, it will bring greater risks to the user and the market. Therefore, the platform will monitor the positions of users who employ heavy leverage in order to maintain market stability. When the platform determines that the user's position has the potential to stabilize the market. When a significant impact occurs, associated steps, including but not limited to communication, risk disclosure, forced position reduction, forced liquidation, and so on, will be implemented, and written explanations will be provided to users.
  • The derivatives trading rules in the digital asset derivatives market, including but not limited to adjustment coefficients, expiration dates, product regulations, and so on, can be changed based on the platform's actual operation. If the platform needs to advance or postpone the delivery of products due to unforeseen circumstances, users must deal with their own positions in a timely way after meeting the responsibility of notification via official website announcement or SMS notification. Any potential losses or benefits will be incurred by the users themselves.


  • Before participating, investors must properly understand the fundamentals and related risks of digital currency contract transactions, as well as business rules related to participation in derivatives exchanges.
  • The risk factors stated in this risk warning are merely illustrative and cannot comprehensively detail all the risk associated with digital asset derivatives transactions. Before investing in digital asset derivatives, investors should carefully consider other risk factors that they understand and master.
  • We sincerely hope and recommend that investors make a sensible decision based on their own actual situations such as risk tolerance whether to engage in this contract transaction and rationally distribure their digital assets.