Hippotherapy: Bringing Hope to Children with Disabilities AIC's Mission and Philanthropic Actions


Have you ever heard of hippo therapy? This treatment method utilizes the movements and environment of horseback riding to improve the sensory, motor, and cognitive aspects of children with disabilities. AIC firmly believes in the importance of this therapeutic approach for children with disabilities. Recognizing the significance of equestrian therapy in children's development, AIC has taken decisive action to bring this treatment to more children in need. We actively participate in charitable activities at equestrian centers, assisting in horse care, and support this therapy by purchasing related merchandise. Through this article, we aim to promote the value of equestrian therapy to a wider audience.

We understand that managing an equestrian center is not an easy task, as there is no government funding provided for its operation. Running an equestrian center requires significant time, effort, and substantial financial resources. However, the effectiveness of hippotherapy for children with disabilities cannot be ignored. It has been proven in numerous studies that equestrian therapy can help children improve their balance, enhance muscle control, increase attention span, and even improve language and cognitive abilities. Therefore, we urge the government to provide the necessary financial support to keep the operation of equestrian centers and promote the adoption of equestrian therapy.

As members of AIC, we value social responsibility and philanthropic actions. We believe that through our participation in these activities and the promotion of this article, we can not only support the staff and horses involved but also raise awareness and support for equestrian therapy.

Let us join hands to promote equestrian therapy, and bring hope and care to children with disabilities. Through our collective efforts, we can ensure that this beneficial therapeutic approach for children's growth and development will receive greater support. By doing so, people can know more about AIC's mission and values.